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Migrating to DBMan SQL from DBMan

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Migrating to DBMan SQL from DBMan

We maintain a website for a client (www.parasolit.co.uk) which uses DBMan, although it has been heavily hacked for various additional functions. Because of scaling issues it is now time for them to migrate to DBMan SQL.

DBMan SQL v1 would appear to be the initial route to go for, followed by a future migration to DBMan SQL v2, because of the existing use of DBman (with config files etc.) and the need to implement SQL ASAP.

The main problem we have is that we must advise our client of the time required to migrate to DBMan SQL v1 (and subsequently to DBMan SQL v2) before they will make the go ahead decision; there does not appear to be an evaluation version of DBMan SQL available so we are unable to review the work involoved in migrating (bearing in mind the hacks that we have done to the original DBMan code).

So to cut this short:
  1. Is there an evaluation version of DBMan SQL?
  2. If not how do you suggest that we approach this as our client will not buy DBMan SQL until they have a confirmed timescale (and we can confirm that migration is relatively straightforward)?

Best regards,

John Miller, Glideslope Software
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