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Need to Decide on DBMan SQL or LINKS SQL

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Need to Decide on DBMan SQL or LINKS SQL

I guess this is the right forum to post these questions (I hope so)..

After running the demo of DBMANSQL as it seems (I think is what I am looking for), but I need to take your advice to which one I should use (LINKS SQL or DB Man SQL).

I am looking to collect personal profiles (financial status and financial scores for thousands of people) to be used as a central database for financial institutions to allow them to login and verify the financial status for someone to lend him/her money. This database will be only visiable to those institutions (agents) and not to public (visitors).

1 - Can I use Forign Langauge Support (in search and display...etc.) is that possible in the DBMANSQL?

2 - Does DBMANSQL keeps track of Number of hits per record?

3 - Does DBMANSQL has a rating mechanizem so every time a visitor view a record, the record rating gets decremented 1 point.

4 - Does DBMANSQL works with LINKS SQL, mean can I use DBMANSQL to add records, modify, delete...etc, of LINKS SQL Database mean again can I adminstor LINKS SQL database with DBMANSQL?

5 - Can the Agent in the DBMANSQL demo (for example) Work/view only his own records? or does he have an access to all the database?

6 - If an agent added a record into LINKSSQL, does this record goes to validation by the adminstror? Means is there any validation mechanizim in LINKS MAN SQL?

7 - Is there an email mechnizim built in DBMANSQL to send the agent/adminstator an email for validation of a link...etc. Newsletter...etc. Like links2?

8 - Can the "Agent" in DBMANSQL add a multi-field review (after logging in as an agent) to a specific link (means add as many comments about a record as he/she wants and they will show in the record), and the reviews then will show up on the same page as the record?

9 - Does DBMANSQL supports PHP in its templetes? means can I use PHP if I want to?

10 - Do you install DBMANSQL on my server? if this is the one that you recomend?

11 - Can Agent UPLOAD Images to the added record when he is adding a new record (upload capabilities)?

12 - Do I have to have the SQL database to use the DBMAN SQL? or does the database will be created when you install DBMAN SQL with 10 fields... or so

13 - Can I create the record of people in text file then migrate them to SQL?

14 - Now which one is more appropriate to use for the application stated above: LINKS SQL or DBMAN SQL? or Both with the same database?

Thank you again for your help
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