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Hook naming bug?

Error running plugin PRE hook: Plugins::EditorMonitor::user_loginlink. Reason: Plugins::EditorMonitor::user_loginlink does not exist in Plugins/EditorMonitor at user.cgi line 25.

My install file and plugin module both refer to Plugins::EditorMonitor::user_login not user_loginlink, as created by the plug-in wizard.

Is this a bug? Or something I have done wrongShocked

$mgr->install_hooks ( 'EditorMonitor', [ ['user_login', 'PRE', 'Plugins::EditorMonitor::user_loginlink', 'FIRST'] ]);

Do the green bits have to have the same name also? Because when they are the code works. (perhaps that answers my question).

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Ian: Jun 1, 2002, 11:26 AM
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