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Re: [Dale_Brown] Top 100 Sites Banner In reply to
It can be solved using one of the PHP scripts you find on the following page:

I understand, that you would like to do in Links SQL.
You could do it is a way similar to this:
1) Merge 2 link database:
a) So you would need to have the LSQL link database, and
the TOP script link database merged somehow, or
b) to import all links from LSQL to the TOP script database.
2) Replace or extend jump.cgi
a) replace jump.cgi with in.php script execution, or
b) modify the jump.cgi, to also count the hit in the TOP database

This is how you should do the modifications.
Not so easy, but with a bit Perl & SQL knowledge you could do it.
If you decide to do the modification, I could help you with advices how to do it.

Best regards,

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