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Can I do these things?

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Can I do these things?
I'm completely new to sql and databases, outside of using your dbman to set up a few flat-file databases (which work well, thank you).

I would like to set up the following database, and am looking for the product which can do so, noting that I'm new so I'm looking for ease of use.

The site is an auction company's site, with about 10 auctions a year. The auctions are held live, but their catalogs of the auction items is available online, as well as auction results.

I'd like to redo their catalog. Currently, all items are detailed via pdf files, with a few html pages where the items are sorted and then linked to their pdf files.

I'd need for the clients (current owners of the auction items) to be able to have access for uploading of photos of their items (up to 10 photos), along with updates on the items that occurred after the printing of the catalog. The viewer should be able to click somewhere on an item's page if he's interested in that item -- for notification of any updates (text added or changed, photos uploaded, etc) to that item's page.

I'd want viewers to not have to log in -- they can browse at will.

I'd need sorting features but that shouldn't be any problem. Can this program read off pdf files though?

I think that's enough to ask to get me started. Perhaps you'll even tell me that this is more than I need.

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