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Re: [Paul] paypal integration -- dropped

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Perhaps you are right, but I also said any individual looking to grow, was a business too.

PayPal was originally targeted at individuals, as a means of paying for auctions. Just like eBay was developed to sell Pez dispensors and Beanie Babies grew it into a major empire the way the Gulf War built CNN (ie: timing).

A shopping cart, advertising sales, or even memberships, are "business" ventures, and should be looked at as such.

If you want to use paypal to pick up a few extra dollars here and there, that's fine, but that is not what anything I've been working on is designed to do. It's a bit higher ended than that.

As I said, also, PayPal has it's most effect in the auction circles, on eBay, and it loses it greatly in the business circles.

The one caveat is that I do not mind the paypal logo on "artist" type sites, where I'm buying crafted or hand made items direct from the artist in a non-production sort of way. But, if the artist is selling a commercial line of items, trying to hit a larger mass market, I do find the paypal logo to be somewhat problematic to their credibility.

Same way as I will almost never buy anything from any "free" host site, or any site that pops up advertising banners, and I certainly won't ever vist them again. No crediblity.

These are all "red flags" to potential fraud problems.

If you are selling something, and have to use pop up banners to pay for your site, there is a problem.

If you are a business, and can't afford $10/year for a domain name -- no matter how lame -- and $10/month for hosting at a low-end host, there is a problem. "Business" hosting can be had for as little as $35/month, and if you can't cover that in your "business" you should be out of business.

What other industry could you even attempt to have a "store front" and not pay $35 a month? Even a flea market charges that for a table, sometimes much more for 6 hours!

I needed to define my terms, and that will always offend someone.

I've had problems with PayPal, such as refunds, non-honoring of the "guarantee" and such. I can't run a business like that. As I said, we have never lost a chargeback with MC/Visa. We've had to argue with them, sometimes for months, but we've never Lost, and they have never simply ignored us, or taken money without warning and following a clearly defined set of rules for arbitration.

They also don't care about "tracking packages on-line" meaning the USPS insurance is sufficient for them. It's not for paypal. Paypal wants a tracking number, but tracking numbers only mean the post office got it -- not the carrier handed it to you, or even left it at the right location, or that someone didn't take it after they did. So, you have to buy insurance on top of it. "tracking" is USELESS. $50 insurace is a much better investment. You will at least get your money back. The USPS is still a governmental agency, even though they say they are not (USPS.gov), so try to defaud them on an insurance claim. A buddy of mine found out just how well paypal can play games with the "guarantee". His only bad eBay transaction was through PayPal, and was supposedly covered on the guarantee. His regular charge card processor would have honored it, and gone after the recipient.

Anyway, we sell mostly tangible products, so when a problem happens, we are OUT a lot of money. We don't like problems, and paypal has created problems. Our own merchant account, is 0.5 to 1.5 percent less, and we have less problems.

ALWAYS insure packages you mail out. Send POST OFFICE when possible (arguing with UPS is almost pointless to try to get any insurance payment on any damages. I have loads of damaged goods UPS would not make good on, they always claim the packaging wasn't up to their standards. Try to argue that. But how you can crack a wood-frame poster shipping crate, that was protecting a single poster, and claim the packaging was at fault is beyond me.).

These are my _OPINIONS_ and anything I refer to can be considered anecdotal, to be believed or not. But, I'm not building PayPal support into my programs any longer, and I'm not developing the paypal module I mentioned.

Remember, unless you have a direct account, you are going through an intermediary, and the intermediary really doesn't care about you. It's THEIR account they worry about. They have the account with the credit card processor, you have an account with THEM. This isn't saying that the charge card processor cares about your account any more, it's just that their agreement is with YOU, so they have to deal directly with you, and follow the fair credit and banking laws with YOU.

And, finally, as bad as the post office is, or was, or is joked about, they do deliver most priority mail packages without damage, very quickly, and they have always made good on insurance claims, even when they _could_ have tried to argue them, and certainly when they couldn't.

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