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I am experimenting with the forum under mod_perl and I want to have some sort of benchmark for its performance with or without mod_perl.

From a previous post I gathered that you could use time ./gforum.cgi > /dev/null to measure the time it takes to execute gforum.cgi as a cgi script (not using mod_perl). This gives me something like:
0.77user 0.04system 0:00.81elapsed 99%CPU

I also tried to use ab (apache benchmark), and it gave me something like:
Time per request: 817.00 [ms]

To me this looks like the same time I get with 'time'. I also started apache without mod_perl and I got about the same result.

Does that mean that mod_perl is not properly set up on my server? Or does it mean that the benchmark 'does not feel' mod_perl? (At some point the server with mod_perl would not start up, because of a missing module that is used by gforum. I installed the module and since then it doesn't complain anymore, so I assume the setup is OK).

I am using a fairly out-of-the-box apache configuration (Mandrake 8.2), with mod_perl.

Any help, or hint in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

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