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Release 2.1.0

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Release 2.1.0
I am currently using version 2.0.5 and am interested in the following new features that were outlined in a release email that I received:


- A full featured review system is now built into Links SQL.
This includes anonymous reviews, validated reviews, "helpfulness"
guide, review summary, view user review profile, and much more.

- Ability to use MySQL and MS SQL's full text indexing! This
allows for very fast searches as all the work is done on the
database. Our manual has a nice summary of all the different
indexing schemes available.

The million dollar question is what do I need to do to install this update? I have just added all of my categories and have yet to start populating the directory so my gut feeling is that this is the perfect time. By the same token, however, I would like to retain what hair I have left on my head so I was hoping that this is not a complete re-install.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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