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I have a client that has been looking at some of my previous work on other sites, and is interested in using GT's products. A few questions first. The site is going to be very huge, spanning 5-8 dedicated servers. The products he is interested in ar LinksSQL, G-Mail, G-Forum, DBManSQL, and Community in an integrated package. The question I have is:
1) Can all of these products be ported into Oracle?
2) The setup will be G-mail on one server, G-forum on another server, linkssql spanning several servers. Can LinksSql be spanned across several servers?
3) Can the search.cgi be modifed to recognize http_referer and select which database it uses, i.e. http://www.site.com/directory will go to the directory database, but http://www.site.com/market will go to the market database.
4) What are the differences between oracle and mysql that a client would choose oracle over mysql?

Thanks, more to follow as I think of them...

</not a clue>
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