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gforum.cgi hangs

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gforum.cgi hangs
For developement purposes, I have added the tag <%GT::Template::dump%> to the template post_view_threaded.html (in order to see which tags are available on the page).

When I tried to view a post in threaded mode, gforum.cgi consumes more and more memory, and eventually killed the server (i.e. I had to reboot).

I haven't tested this very extensively (you have to be fast to kill the process before the server hangs), but I noticed that this doesn't happen for post_view_flat.html, category_list.html or forum_view.html.

This is version 1.1.3, and I have not had the problem before (I have used version 1.1.1 before for developping).

I had the same problem at my home computer, so I might be a real problem.

Does anyone else have this problem? (just in case, don't test it on a production server!!!!)

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