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Shared Dedicated Hosting Allowed?

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Shared Dedicated Hosting Allowed?
Good Day,

I am looking at Gossamermail program and ofcourse will require hosting for it. I prefer to use the hosting service provided by Gossamer as the chances are good that the servers are built more specific to the programs that they sell and service.

After looking at the cost of the hosting service it works out to an huge difference between the per account (based on 10 MB accounts) between Shared Server Plan A and Dedicated Server Plan A, if memory serves me correct the difference is over $7.00 per account cheaper with the dedicated server plan.

(a) is a person who has a dedicated server allowed to resale any unused space to another person who wants to run Gossamermail?

(b) if the answer to the above question is yes is there anyone on these forums that has extra space to sale and if so what are the specs that you are willing to sale and for how much. For example please state what the cost per account for a 5 MB and 10 MB account with the allotment of bandwidth per account. Also state in what size blocks you are willing to sale 5, 10, 15, etc.
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