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Not trying to speak for Alex, I think he really meant this as a "yes" it can be done, because it would involved a simple "check" to be made on the ALT field.

I am not familiar (any more) with how Links 2.0 stores the alt data, or even how the import decides to import only one category, _but_ because Links SQL stores all the category data in the CatLinks table, as a pair of values LinkID<=>CategoryID it is really no change at all -- or even a problem -- to insert additional categories, as long as the import program does a bit of extra parsing on the alt field. This would be a change to that line of code -- if it can insert one category it should be able to insert two. (not 100% for certain, but I can't understand why it couldn't)

I've been looking at the various import modalities, because I'm trying to work out a script that will dump keyword specified searches from a DMOZ import into a file that can be imported by Links SQL. Obviously, it's not going to please everyone <G> but it should allow targeted link additions to existing directories.

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