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bounces, multiple domains and config

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bounces, multiple domains and config
I've been working with the bouncing of messages and such for a couple of hours now and was wondering about a few things that don't seem right...

First, in the admin for setup -> undeliverables, I'm just wondering what other folks are using for the various settings... I figured since I'm just getting started, I set everything to bounce but added insert for the last two items so I can watch and see if there might be any config errors or things like that for a while... are there any in general that should be kept on for insert for the long term, or ones you have found helpful to keep insert on for users or something?

In incoming.pl on lines 619 and 620, the message for bounced emails when someone is over their quota is "Message is too big" That's a little confusing, why not just say "Users Quota Exceeded" or some such thing... If I sent them a message that simply said "call me", how can that message be too big? Also, line 195 has some typos (suppost to bet getting) And while I'm at it, if we set things to bounce if they aren't in authentication or validated... the reasons for those are kinda obscure (with not validated or not in authentication) if someone from the outside send them a message and sees that as the reason... Is there any plan to match up bounce codes with the normal ones used by like sendmail and such...

Next, it looks like if I send a message from one user on the system to another, and they are over the quota or dont exist, etc... I not only get the bounce but I also get the original message sent back to me as well... is this a bug somewhere that I missed? And if they aren't over quota or it's a real user and the message gets delivered properly, I still get a copy of the original message back to me as well.

Also, I'm using multiple domains and have everything set up to use the domain name associated with the users names... however, in the admin and bounces/batch stuff, it's only using the main domain where the program is installed... so it's not using the templates it should... and it's losing the To address when the bounce comes back. anyone know where to fix this and what other places I should be looking at in the admin (ie, already found in the undeliverables the transfer too doesn't give me the list of domains to select from either when transferring to another user)

Could the above problem have anything to do with the url_user problem I encountered in the register.eml validated.eml etc templates?

Thanks for any help someone can provide
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