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It's a Survivor site and today was the premiere episode for this season so traffic was outrageous-- Thursdays we always have triple or quadruple the traffic we have on normal days and this is the first Thursday with a new show that we've had since switching to GF. When we used DCforums last season we'd always have problems with the games crashing our server, but ugpraded until there weren't problems anymore. Our systems guy said we had more traffic today than any day last season, so DCF may have crashed too, I don't know, but he said it was definitely perl that was causing the problems and this is the only perl script we run. (Games are all ASP) I tried running perl both as the executable and the ISAPI dll and with both had equal problems. I also turned off guest viewing for most of the forums and still had problems. The systems guy said the only way to run it would be to have a second server just for the perl scripting but I can't afford a second server so I'm going to try switching to a PHP board I guess and hope it helps. It's unfortunate because feature-wise GF by far blows everything else away.

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