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BUG nr.1-2: GT::Date::date_transform

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BUG nr.1-2: GT::Date::date_transform
Version: LinksSQL v2.1.0
nr.1) BUG:
- using GT::Date::date_transform to convert date format, the %HH% (24 hour format) in input is treated as %hh% (12 hour format) and transformed to %HH% 24 hour format, while the input format was %HH% (24 hour format) and in the output format was %HH% (24 hour format), too.

print 'Date: 2002-02-25 12:16:36\n';
print 'Input: %yyyy%-%mm%-%dd% %HH%:%MM%:%ss%\n';
my $date = GT::Date::date_transform ('2002-02-25 12:16:36',
'%yyyy%-%mm%-%dd% %HH%:%MM%:%ss%', '%yyyy%.%mm%.%dd% %HH%:%MM%');
print "Output: $date\n";

nr.2) BUG:
- GT::Date has invalid help documentation (\admin\templates\admin\help\GT\Date.html): date_format ($date, $orig_fmt, $new_fmt) for date format change is invalid.
The valid sub for date format change is date_transform ($date, $orig_fmt, $new_fmt).

Please correct the bug (if any), and publicate the corrected Date.pm (maybe the corrected Date.html help file too, if you like) .

Best regards,

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