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mod_perl startup.pl

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mod_perl startup.pl
I've just become a proud owner of Links SQL and I've also downloaded the trial version of Gossamer Forum. I have a question regarding the mod_perl startup file. According to the instructions:

Links startup:
use lib '/home/www/perl/links/admin';
use Links::mod_perl;

Forum startup:
use lib '/home/www/perl/gforum/admin';
$GForum::mod_perl::admin = '/home/www/perl/gforum/admin/admin.cgi';
require GForum::mod_perl;

Do I really need to require both mod_perl modules from both applications? If I only need one of them, which one... the use or require, and is there any reason why one is using and one is requiring?

I'm also amazed at the plugin system used in Gossamer products! It's going to make hacking so much easier and more robust!
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