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Search Friendly without Rewrite

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Search Friendly without Rewrite

I put together the search engine friendly templates for our mailing archive demo, but decided to try it without rewrite. I basically just added:

my $path = $ENV{PATH_INFO};
if ($path) {
my $t = $IN->param('t') || 'search_engine';
$IN->param('t', [$t]);
if ($path =~ m,P(\d+)/?$,) {
$IN->param('post', [$1]);
elsif ($path =~ m,P(\d+)-(\d+)/?$,) {
$IN->param('post', [$1]);
$IN->param('page', [$2]);
elsif ($path =~ m,C(\d+)/?$,) {
$IN->param('category', [$1]);
elsif ($path =~ m,F(\d+)/?$,) {
$IN->param('forum', [$1]);
elsif ($path =~ m,F(\d+)-(\d+)/?$,) {
$IN->param('forum', [$1]);
$IN->param('page', [$2]);
else {

to the beginning of gforum.cgi (right after init()). Then I added the search engine templates described in the other forum, and instead of going to /forum/, I changed it to go to /perl/mailarc/archive/ where archive is a symlink to gforum.cgi (I could have kept the URL's looking like /perl/mailarc/gforum.cgi/ but thought it would look better without the .cgi).

If you want to try this yourself, the steps are:

1. Symlink or copy gforum.cgi to a file called archive and make sure you can run it just like gforum.cgi (should be able to display the home page).
2. Edit archive and add the code above just after init().
3. Add the search_engine templates from the earlier thread.
4. Replace /forum in those templates with /cgi-bin/gforum/archive.

And that's it! Unfortunately because IIS does not have a working PATH_INFO, I'm afraid this won't work on IIS servers. =( You can see the final result at:



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