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New idea...old idea

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New idea...old idea
Hi Team,

On my site I run both a directory (under Links sql) and a banner exchange. The problem I have is that the directory now looks great and the admin of it is exceptional under links sql, however, my banner exchange still needs some work on the backend.

There are some great advertsing pieces of software on the internet such as ad cycle and advertpro, however, this software does not manage a banner exchange, but rather just a group of advertisers on your site. There is other software out there such as webadverts but it draws significantly on resources as it does not use mysql, mod perl or php. There is another very good program in linkxpro (add on to banner man pro), but it requires windows etc and that doubles your monthly costs to run it let alone purchasing the software. There is a product called phpadsnew at sourceforge but you dont quite get the level of support you can get here (for non techie people like me) and it is yet to have a banner exchange module added.

GT has built modules to enable advert pro and adcycle to run with links sql. My suggestion would be to expand on this and possibly work with these companies to possibly build a banner exchange module (could possibly be also used as an affilate module) that could be added much like all the other pay modules. This may go hand in hand with the further development of links sql - affiliate program which I have briefly conversed with Alex and Jack over by email.

Anyway just a thought and if you looking for input on what may be required I am more than happy to chip in.

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