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SQL problems

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SQL problems
I have four questions regarding the SBMan SQL:

1. I have a lot of pictures. I want to set up a system such that 'agents' can use a drop down menu with titles of pictures on the server. Once selected the picture will be placed in the dynamically presented pages. Is there a way I can do this?

What I have done so far is this:

I have create a new image field (with Column Type = Char(255)) by choosing Form Type = FILE in Form Information and File Save Location. Also set auth_modify_own to Yes in setup. I have added the code <img src="db.cgi?cn=PicOne&do=view_file&db=<%db%>&id=<%primary_key_field%>"> in my templates.
"PicOne" is the name of the column name.

What is the code I need to add to the add-form page? Have I done this right so far? Please provide steps I need to follow.

2. If the agent wants to upload their own pictures what do I put in the add-form html page?

3. I am going to have a lot of check boxes in both search page and add-form page. I have created the columns but need the code for the templates.

I have a column called "Interest" and it has the check boxes Alpine, Beachfront, CapitalCity, Island, Lakeside etc.

In the search page html template what do i put as the code? Is this correct:

<input type="checkbox" name="Alpine" value="Alpine"></font>

In the add-form html template do I use the same code?

4. I have created a column for email and web address. When the agent adds this info and then search the agents email and web address is presented. I know how to make the email and web address display but I don't know how to also make them hyperlinked such that if one clicks on the web address it takes you there. Can you please supply the code?

Thanks for your help!
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