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CGI-Resources used to be one of the first places I went for to find CGI/Perl scripts. However, not is is basically crap! They rebuild their database about once a week (automatically), and if they feel like it occassionaly they decide to add a few links. Although Links 2/SQl was designed around this script, I feel that is is far more superiour to CGi-resources script now. Your best bet is to use HotScripts.com to find stuff. I'd be surprised if GT havn't submitted G-Forum at CGI-Resources, but I wouldn't expect it to appear for at least 5 months Tongue

I have 12 Perl scripts. All of which I have submitted there ages and ages ago. Only 4 of them are listed! They just really seem to have lost the plot as to what the site is mean to be about. Half of thier links are dead to!

Just my opinion..Gt would be able to tell you if they have submitted there or not Wink

Andy (mod)
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