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Two problems

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Two problems
(Note: Taken from a support e-mail received - I'm posting this here in case anyone else has the same problem)

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> Hi,
> I found two bugs in my forum and it will be really appreciated if
> you can repair them or tell me how I can do it.
> 1- The "Number
> of results per page" in Search posts do not work correctly in my
> forum. I thought first that it was a simple error in my personnal
> templates, but when I use the original templates
> (include_search_form.html and search_results.html), the error still
> there.
> Example of the error:
> In my forum, when I make a search
> for "asdf" with "number of results per page" set to 2, I get 48
> results in 24 pages, but the first page has 25 results, the second
> one 23, and all the others have no results (empty pages).
> ------
> 2- Bug "with"
> private message editor
> How to reproduce this bug
> a) Take a old
> private message. b) Click on "Reply" button. c) Click on "Switch to
> Basic Editor" button. Then the error will appear as "An error
> occurred: The message you attempted to access does not exist".
> Thank you very much!
> Forgive me for my poor
> english.
> François Boucher

The search problem is a library bug that only allows you to choose search hits of 10, 25, 50, or 100. The behaviour certainly should not be like this - the first attachment (Search.pm) should replace admin/GT/SQL/Search/NONINDEXED/Search.pm. This doesn't affect people who are using an indexed search for the Post table.

As for private messages, there are a couple of bugs present - the reason you are getting the error is a template problem. If you search the template for "Switch to Basic Editor", you will find an <input type="submit" ...> with a value of "Switch to Basic Editor". The name of the submit button should have the following added to the end (Note: If you prefer, you can just use the attached template):



The other problem that I found was that the message writing screen using the basic editor does not have a button to switch to the advanced editor. This fix for this is to add the following, after the quote, b, u, i, etc. buttons:


<%if is_ie and ie_version >= 5.5%>


<input type="submit" class="button" name="do=<%this_do%>;advanced_editor=1;advanced_editor_switch=1;message=<%parent_msg_id%>" value="Switch to Advanced Editor">

I've also attached the fixed include_message_common_write.html and include_message_html_common_write.html (whew, that's a long filename) to this post. They should replace the templates of the same name in your admin/templates/default directory.

Jason Rhinelander
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