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More than links

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More than links
Hi Alex, while working a lot with LSQL and Inlinks i got following idea and try to do it for InLinks at the moment.

If someone uses LSQL as a CMS instead only a searchengine, its needed to have a lot of additional fields.
Example for Cats: Cars and Toys

For both i need a title, a description, some pics and a textfield;
these fields i would like to save in table Links;

but for Cars i need the fields: type, year, PS
for toys i need the fields: age, waterproof or something else

Till now i add all needed fields to table Links and use only these, i need for a category.

The better way could be:

A new Admin menu: add, mod, del a new table
add, mod, del fields for a certain table

Then i go to the category table menu and say:
add / remove additional table

I think this could not be very hard, cause the most routines are in LSQL
(i have done it without an admin menu for 1.13)

There would be a lot of additional work, cause i need new templates for every category:
for add, mod an so on.

But with this, i really would have a fantastic system to do almost everything.


I miss some ways to rate users itself or have stats how a user rates others.

Another thing: I cant give a default value for a text-field ?!

Seems "Blob" wont do that. Why not ?

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