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New Install

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New Install
I purchased DBMansql and want to use an existing mysql-db.

Iīm not sure how to make it, so let me explain.

I use merchantorderform shopping-card. The cart stores the data in a mysql-db.
I want to use the database twice, shopping-card just stores the date and dbman view and manipulate the data.

I did not overwrite the db while installing dbman, but probably I must need to make it, am I right?

Can I change the db using the overwrite function of DBMan, and does the shopping-card still run with the db, after that? The existing tables of the db will not be changed, isnīt it?

To understand it right. Does dbman just add the dbman-tables to the db, or does it overwritethe existing tables?

Thank you


Michael Skaide


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