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Embed Photo In Static Page

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Embed Photo In Static Page
Figured I'd start a new thread on this one

Ok the static page is concept works, but from the database entry (ie list all) there is a link to a photo. Instead of linking to the photo, we want to link to the static page with this photo in it.

I thought this would be easy once the static page issue was resolved. We can now click to the link that says "Photo 2" and the static Page come up, but the photo does not present itself.

Assumed we would just be using the same line of code as if we presented the photo on the first page. This is the line of code embedded in the static page "photo_large2.html"

<img src="db.cgi?cn=Photo2&do=view_file&db=<%db%>&id=<%ID%>">

Example may be seen at

user: test
pwd: test

Also (if there is a quick answer), it would be easier if a page such as "photo_enlarged.html" page were the only page used for the enlarged photos and we just past the photo id on to the page.
<a href="db.cgi?cn=Photo2&do=view_file&db=<%db%>&id=<%ID%>">Photo 2</a> links to the photo_enlarged.html and Photo 2,3, 4, etc. present themselves accordingly


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