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Signup Process

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Signup Process

Is it me or is the signup process really too simple? It just asks you for a username, password and that is it.

I don't like the idea of that's all that is set. Is there a way to.. when the user clicks on the validation link in the email it confirms your username, and then transfers you to your personal settings page - to encourage people to fill out the information there! otherwise i don't see people bothering to be honest.

I just assume that you should ask for a realname and a few preferences, can this be done after the user clicks the validate link or before hand even? I hate to see people joining "blindly" without entering any information.

Also there's no terms of agreement or anything to be bound to? I've seen a few other forums now implement a different signup for over 8 (?) and under 8 (?)? Is this going to be implemented?


- wil
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