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Ok, I had a look at the 'in-built' help file (by just typing perl nph-build.cgi in SSH), it gave me quite a few good pointers, but not quite the one i was looking for. Basically, what I would like to know is; can a start ID be set for the import? The reason I am asking this is because if you want to update an existing database and add new ones, nph-import.cgi aparantly does not take into consideration the start IDs (to stop confusion: It works fine on an import on the same server with links already existing, but I am refering to a SQL dump which will be used on a server that already has links in the database).

Ok, maybe I've confused everyone Tongue If so, just tell me and I'll try to explain a bit better (wow, what a great start to 2002 Wink)


Andy (mod)
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