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Plugins Updates
Briefly, what I'm doing now:

1) I'm rewriting the Search Logger as per several other threads. Currently it's logging total hits, and Daily hits. I need to add a few admin features and it should be ready for prime time (at least beta) in a few days. You'll be able to pull your Top5 type tags from this database. If anyone has ideas or suggestions on keywords by category, I'm open to it -- but I honestly can't think of a way to do that which will provide any sort of meaningful or accurate stats.

2) The postcards.cgi is working with version 2.1 It will most likely _not_ work with earlier versions. It can now work with a regular install of Links, by using a field separate from the URL (as I do on my site). You can define that field in the set up, and using the templates,

<%if field_name%>

display postcards template


display link template


With luck, this should be ready for release once my servers are up and running.

3) I'm rewriting the logo_image program to incorporate file upload, and it will integrate into the postcards program (just upload an image, not a logo) and incorporate (hopefully!) paypal's silent back end for automatic billing of logos. The program without the paypal features should be ready by mid January. No eta on the paypal features... since until i start to work with it, I won't know. I do need it, so it's a high priority, I just don't have a good feel for how long it will take.

4) The upload/photo-gallery program is the last one. It will use the parts of the other two programs, and it will allow links to function as a photo database. The template parser upgrades have solved a lot of problems, and with a minimal amount of overhead in the database, it should be possible to allow Links to run as a links database, but incorporate images into links on a link-by-link or category basis. I'm still not clear on how it will shake out in the release, but it looks like I'll have a beta by the end of february.

5) I'll upgrade the released plugins to 2.1 compatibility as I get my site back on-line and try to add in the features.

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