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Template Sets

I might be missing something, but is there a way to set up different template sets when you call Site::HTML::display?

For instance, it would be nice if a plugin could install it's templates in it's own directory, so those templates could be used by all versions or formats of the program, without having to maintain duplicate sets for each main template set. The plugin would call the "default" template set for itself, unless that option was turned off in the admin.

I thought there was a way to do it, but I'm doing something wrong ??

This would allow people who use multilingual templates to put the templates in each language directory, but would allow someone like me, who only has the ability to maintain English sites (barely<G>) to have one template directory for the plugin that could be shared by all the "styles".

If nothing else, than for development or housekeeping reasons :) Something about putting all the templates for all programs into the same directory bothers me -- the way Windows puts all it's stuff together. It makes housekeeping a lot harder, and it's more difficult for a user to determine what templates were installed by what program.

Even using a prefix only helps partly, because all the "system" templates don't. That means plugin templates would be grouped in and around the system templates, so finding all the "basic" or "default" templates would still be prone to errors.

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