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Bug report:

When a user is signing up for a new account, they get asked if they want to use cookies.

Somehow this setting is lost at some point, because when the new users logs in, the authentication is done through cookies, no matter what the user selected when signing up (except when they select "Don't use cookies" on the login page, but that shouldn't be necessary, because they already explicitely stated that they don't want to use cookies).

I am using version 1.0.0



In my opinion you should take out the "Use cookies" checkbox from the sign-up page. There should be an option for the administrator to select if new users by default authenticate through cookies or not.

Of course, the individual user should be able to select themselves if they want to use cookies or not, and they can do that by selecting the appropriate thing on the login screen.

The user can of course set their personal preference on the login page and in their profile.

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