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Is DBMan more feature-rich than DBManSQL?

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Is DBMan more feature-rich than DBManSQL?
I am very familiar with DBMan and I have installed most of JPDeni's MODS, and the script rocks.

Now, I am interested in upgrading to DBManSQL. I read most of the post on this forum to find the answer to whether DBManSQL can be modified seamlessly like DBMan. I am still unclear as to whether most of JPDeni's MODS can be applied to DBManSQL.

The closest answer I found was this:

Where are the plugins for DBManSQL?
Can DBManSQL do these things:
Automatic View/Modify Search
Cookie MOD
Dirty Word Censor
Internal Mass Mailer
Private Mailer
Limiting the number of records per user
Multipage - Multipage allows you to add records with an unlimited number of fields divided over any number of Add pages.
Preview Record
Secure Password Lookup
Validate Records
What's New

Thanks very much in advance. I really need to know this information before I purchase DBManSQL.

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