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The logic behind that wouldn't make sense?

You could auto close tags at the end of the post if you wish but it still wouldn't help your formatting problems. The message would of been displayed the same if there was the close tags were written in at the end of the message.

What about, when you click on the button it actually writes the open and close tag into the browser window (like many other forums do). Not as sexy as what's currently there, but it would prevent any more of this.

A quick perl check though would be good. Just to check that if you've used an opening tag that you have remembered to close it. Would also be very handy for HTML enabled forums! Theyre formatting could realy screw up a whole page.

Ah, bugger it, it's good just the way it is. I like the icon changing for you to be able to hit it again for the close tag...

That closed tag check would be good on html enabled forum, though.

God I have to stop rambling.
Signing off. Long day.



- wil
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