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Navigation Suggestion

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Navigation Suggestion
Hello all!

Please forgive me if this has already been covered.

The issue:
As a new Links 2.0 user, I use the appropriate forum often, as I have a lot of questions.
I've found that there is a lot of really useful information in the forum, but it can be hard to locate. I really rather not post a new thread on a topic that was exhausted 2 years ago. Nobody wants to read it, and the information is availible if you can find the right keywords to use.

The suggestion:
Narrow the topic of the categories more. For instance, New Mods should have its own subcategory in each scripts customization forum.
Not only would this give you fewer threads to wade through , but the search would almost have to give you what you want if it is availible!
The other benefit is that with more refined categories and searches leading to easier retrieval of information by the users, there should be fewer duplicated questions and answers.

Like I said, I find the forums useful, but as a user I have problems with the format.

I know that sometimes when we get to programing something we lose sight of the end user.
And, as programmers we see the end product differently than the end user.

As a end user of Gossamer Forum and not an administarator or programer I hope that me input is helpful.


Marcus L. Griswold
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