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Security with PMs?

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Security with PMs?
I recieved a message notifiying me that I had a PM. I looked at the URL:http://www.gossamer-threads.com/perl/gforum/gforum.cgi?do=message_view;message=1234[/ul]

I've changed the message number for obvious reasons, because I became very concerned that people could change the message number to something else and everyone could view each other's PMs? Just guess a message number?

Does this work, or are there some security measures in place to guard against this?

- wil
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Thread Security with PMs? Wil 1572 Oct 17, 2001, 9:00 AM
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Paul 1472 Oct 17, 2001, 9:14 AM
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Paul 1479 Oct 17, 2001, 10:48 AM
Thread Re: [Wil] Security with PMs?
Alex 1475 Oct 17, 2001, 10:53 AM
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Wil 1476 Oct 18, 2001, 3:15 AM