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hehe, sort of what you're saying goes with my stats comment a bit back...

getting a link of last X days posted shouldn't be that hard since you can alreay search by user name ...

I think I get what you're saying ... having a login page .. or welcome back trotter page ...
you click the link and it sends you to a page that has links to your last X comments or last X comments in X days ...

what would be cool is if you can also see the status of your threads or posts ... answered or still unanswered ... expanding upon which ... your post / thread is heading off to oblivion do you want to let if fade into nothing or do you wish to bump it back to the top which leads to my next idea of one-click amazon style bump post ... click here to post bump -- sorry to your post/thread (this option could be controlled by a no bumps for x days).

wow ... I've seen the last x post thing before but never a status report or automatic bump ability ... hehe this isn't a bad idea I wonder


openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile
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