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adding new pages to template set

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adding new pages to template set
I am adding some new pages to the template set (not a new set of templates) and wanted to know do I just need to add the page/html file to the default template directory and the admin/GMail/ConfigData.pm file to make it work?

For an example, I'm setting up a free/pay service. I have created a new template called join_pay.htm which when a user signs up for a premium account, they will get sent to the payment page to enter their credit card info (instead of sending them to the validation page). In the join.cgi, it parse the tags properly. However, I am also adding a new link in the left_menu.htm page, which is an upgrade now link and will only appear for users with free accounts and sends them to this new template.

The problem, it isn't parsing the tags from the database when run from webmail.cgi, only the ones I have listed in the globals.txt file, which seems really weird. The link I use is:
a href=webmail.cgi?<%url_hidden%>;page=join_pay.htm
Do I need to pass it some sort of do= as well to get it to parse the info? Or is there some other place I need to let the system know about this new template or something special I have to do in the admin?

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