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Oh yeah, the duplicate ones - that will hopefully soon be fixed up - the "sarcastic" and ":|" icons will be replaced with the appropriate icons - but they aren't quite ready yet.

Also new:

- In markup posts, you can escape markup by putting a dot in front of it. For example, if I write: [.smile] it will show up as [smile] instead of Smile. ([.smile] requires two dots, as in [..smile], which requires three, and so on)

- you no longer see signature tags. You can still USE them, but I implemented a checkbox instead due to request for it. When you post, the signature tag will be appended to the post (You'll see it if you edit) but people (myself included) found it too annoying as a tag that's always there.

- I made the green color of the "nnn NEW" (Shows up under "MESSAGES" in the header if you have new messages) a lighter shade - the dark green wasn't very noticable. Try sending yourself a message to try it out.

- Users can now set their own time offset. The times are relative to the server time, so to see the times in England for this forum, you would enter "8".

As for the smiley's, I originally had them to the right, but they seemed to be too far away so I moved them to the left. It's not a big deal to put them back on the right though... Anyone else prefer them on the right?

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Did you peek at phpBB2 ???

Well... I'd be lying if I said I didn't look at UBB, WWWThreads, Ikonboard, phpBB, VBulletin, etc. when deciding on features Wink

Jason Rhinelander
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