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Lot of Problem

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Lot of Problem

I think this new forum have a lot of problem, mostly to the old post for example:


I cannot get trough to that link and the error message is:

A fatal error has occured:

GForum::Template (15190): No template file was specified. at /home/gossamer-threads/perl/gforum/admin/GT/Template.pm line 77.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

And another thing is if the old post like this:


The page will show the main page as default so i must do it manually to get through like:


Hmm... its suck isnt it ? i have more than 100 i bookmark the link from the old forum and now some of the bookmark is cannot through the page. Why dont the Gossamer Threads just use the old forum and do some change to color any anything without make some effect to the old post ? yes ..the new thing is much better than the old one but sometime the old one is so useful too, sorry to my english but this only my opinion.
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