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Modification Request

I'm looking for a modification of Links SQL 2.x that would accomplish the following:

On the links modification form that a user comes to after logging in, I would like to include the following data:

A field that has Hits * Rate (This would be the value of the Hits field times a new field that includes a rate such as .10). So if a link had 50 hits and the rate for that link was .10 then the new field would have the total of 5.00

Then I would need a total of the calculated field (Hits * Rate) for all of the individual links. So if a user had 3 links it would look something like:

Link 1 Hits: 50 Rate: .10 Total: 5.00
Link 2 Hits: 100 Rate: .15 Total: 15.00
Link 3 Hits: 50 Rate: .20 Total: 10.00

Total Hits: 200 Total Amount: 30.00

I don't need a full Goto.com mod, as we won't have any bidding for placement, and don't need automated notifications to users, etc. Mainly I just want to show the hits, rate and totals when users log in to modify or view their links.

If anyone is capable of doing this mod, let me know what it would cost and any issues. Thanks!


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