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Paid Mods For Links SQL2

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Paid Mods For Links SQL2
Hi All,

Im looking for someone or somepeople to do the following modifications for me for LinksSQL2. These will be paid modifications or if you prefer and you can utilise them as pluggins, paid pluggins for which you will receieve a large percentage of all purchases. Hope that reads right!!

1. I have many varieties of pages that I would like to display, for example a user who has a bar or pub would not need to fill out the same information or select the same images to be displayed on their page as smeone who runs a fitness center. i.e. The bar would display icons/images refering to eating, gaming facilities etc, but i wouldnt want to display all of the pub/bars information for someone who signs up for the fitness center page and vice versa. (I this sounds too hard maybe i havnt explaied it well enough as i would think that it was an easy thing to do with if and else statements).

2. Each user will be entitled to their own email mailing list, where they will be able to view code to enter into their own website and have people susbcribe/unsubscribe to their mailing list. Also be able to send out mail from an administration panel.

3. Each user will be able to have a database to collect information from a form. there will only be about 3 fields for this and will be pre-set and not changeable by the user. (This is for a future feature of the site).

4. Each user can have their own guestbook for their site or detailed page.

I Think thats it for now. If you are interested in producing any of the above or would like further information you can email me at mark@isee-multimedia.co.uk, private message me, or reply to this post.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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