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[RELEASED] Multiple Upload Graphic&File Attachment

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[RELEASED] Multiple Upload Graphic&File Attachment
LSQL: Multi Upload Graphic and File Attachment Mod.

I've pretty much locked down the features at this point and I've smoothed over the logic for "valid" files, and I've moved almost all the attachment processing to the templates. Virtually no part of the attachment display process is in the code. You have complete control over what you do, and can be very creative using the newer template tags, even passing in data to the template that it uses to process! Cool. Alex has promised more of that stuff too, since this was only the first release of this bugger. Check the docs in the Template area for more on Loops and parameters, and such.

Briefly: Allows attaching multiple files or graphics to a link.
Requires: Image::Size (CPAN), NetPBM (SourceForge)

03.xx.xx series:
1) Has a similar interface to the Logo/graphic program, but will allow multiple files of any sort attached to a link.
2) Attachments can be auto-validated based on the "user_modify" parameter. (This will be expanded in a later release)
3) Files can be uploaded one at a time, with all information provided (from the add_success screen, or modify screens) or they can be uploaded as a group, and presented to the user to edit in the missing descriptions.
4) Attachments can be validated separately from the link, and each other.
5) Graphic attachments in GIF/JPG and a few other formats are checked for size, dimensions (rquires Image::Size), and those values are entered into the database. Thumbnails can be automatically created (requires Image::Size and NetPBM). Values can be entered manaully (by the forms) if you prefer. It will be able (theoretically) to handle any sort of upload, but will "recognize" images in GIF/JPG/BMP/PNG format, and will automatically create a thumnail view, if you'd like it to.
6) Most display controls are in the templates, using <%loop%> and other tags, so that they can be customized without going into the code at all!! If you find something that can't be, I'll try my best to make it so!
7) It will use the <%loop%> system of tags, so you can create mini-thumbnail pages for each link, if you'd like, or customize the templates in all sorts of other display ways.
8) All attachments are in a table, and the table contains all the attributes of that attachment. Thse values can be searched, extracted, or used in many ways (search of attachments is not fully implemented yet).
9) I just added an add_plugin_defaults field so you can override user input the same easy way you can in the Links.cfg with add_system_fields
10) It's designed to work with logged-in users. I will try to make it work with non-logged in users, allowing an Admin to edit/upload files to any group, and a user to upload/attach files ONLY to the group they are currently submitting.
11) It should work with static pages, but the new files will not show up until the site is rebuilt, obviously.
12) Attachments can have a "slot" (or order) value. It's rudimentary in this release, but it will allow you to pick where you want to put certain files, if you need to do some sorts of layout. Example: a catalog, where you want to attach 3 files to each link, in a standard layout. You'll be able to assign which file goes into which spot.
13) Stores the attachments data in an Attachments table, not in the Links record.
14) Files are stored in a simple, BASE_DIR/ID/files format not the /path/to/storage/x/nn/n/ID format (as described in the previous thread). The attachment record stores the paths and URL's (if you want it to) so the files can actually reside on a different server, system, or almost anywhere.
15) [in flux] It will use the "links" permissions table, so that if you have "user-mod" enabled, if a link has been validated, and contains at least one valid attachment, a user can modify/add attachments without requiring admin approval. The 1-approved-attachment restriction has merit, if you think about it. I'm really not interested in removing that, and consider "hacking around it" sort of akin to disabling your seat belt buzzer and warning light :) You do so at your own risk, but I'm not going to do it for you :)
16) Admins can validate partial attachments, with the other attachments staying in the "pending" area until validated.
17) Admin/Edit functions allow the ability to edit/approve by link, but also by attachment and user. So, you can get a list of all a users attachments as well as a list of all that users links with attachments. (being added in now)
18) It requires Image::Size & Net::PBM to be installed to use the image management routines. I believe Net::PBM is now at SourceForge.com. It does NOT require Image::Magick, and it actually only requires a subset of Net::PBM, not the whole package.

Bug fixes, and the missing features noted above are being added now.

Commercial: $75
Free upgrades in the 03.xx.xx series
This is included in the 06.xx.xx series pre-release.

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
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