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HTML suggestion

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HTML suggestion
This is a request to tidy up the HTML source of the templates. Dreamweaver is fully capable of editing the source code without messing up the tags, and I've been working this past few weeks on overhauling the templates. However, time and time again I've come across tags which haven't been closed properly, or tags that needn't be there (yes, I do understand the templates inside and out), to the extent that tables and text don't even display properly in Dreamweaver.

With a little re-editing there is no problem, so I would like to see more effort go into the templates. Basically, some of the HTML and design make me cringe. I think I'm qualified to say this having spent most of my life in graphic design and video games design.

There should also be more continuity between pages. Layouts that look visually alike in the browser are built differently between pages in the HTML, making site wide search and replace changes a pain, as not everything gets updated on the first pass.



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