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I think flybynight means that a "notify admin" feature would save new database entries into a temporary queue, send an email to the admin stating that a new entry is awaiting review in the queue, and then the admin has the option to accept, edit, or delete the entry.

This should be an essential feature of DBMan SQL 2, as other competing database CGIs have this feature, and it already exists in Links SQL2.

An option to auto delete entries based on how long an entry resides in the database (ie. X days) or based on a particular date set for that entry (ie. August 1, 2001) would also be incredibly useful.

Alex and the crew do great work, and I'm sure they're very busy with other projects. But Alex said that the final release of version 2 was expected to be before the end May (see link below). I put several projects/customers on hold based on that date; so an update on the "good-faith" expected release would be a real help and courtesy.


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