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[BUGREPORT GMail2.0F] Netscape ./. Explorer - Java

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[BUGREPORT GMail2.0F] Netscape ./. Explorer - Java
Hello Alex!

I could not add addresses from the addressbook into the TO field of compose. You asked me the login for test and I send it to you. You checked it and confirmed that it works for you fine on MY installation based on which I placed the BUG REPORT on!

Since I know your habit of testing scripts with explorer ONLY, it struck me that you used explorer for testing. :) :) :)

I once again say that it does not work with Netscape 4.7!

I also tried and saw your inserts of email addresses but could not insert!!!

Further, I therefore checked also in Explorer and discovered that there appeared an "Close button" which I never saw earlier.

I dislike Javascripts because of this. This leads that I could check all functions with both browsers and write here all the bugs. Hence a new thread for others too.

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