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[UPDATE] Logo upload rewrite

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[UPDATE] Logo upload rewrite
I'm in the process of finishing up a rewrite of the logo upload system.

It's using the new "default" template set for a cleaner look, it addresses some problems in naming conventions, and a host of other issues including better admin/validation features.

This will be updated again when the new links "file" type is added, although it might not be necessary. Almost certainly, the extra step here will still give you more features and control.

Most are going to be transparent to the users, but as a webmaster you might have to make some changes if you are running a previous version. I'll have better install instructions with the next release, but I would caution anyone looking to upgrade, to contact me first. The major change would be the "Logo_Graphic" and "image_url" fields have been changed to "Logo_Image" and "Logo_image_url", and I really would suggest renaming your existing database fields and template fields to the new names for compatibility. There are fairly painless ways to do it, but it will lead to less problems in the future.

Right now, the only templates that should need changing are the add_ and modif_ templates, depending on your situation, and the form.txt file if you are using it. If you are using form.txt, you might only need to modify the modify.html templates. This might only be as much as changing <%includ link.html%> to <%include modify_link.html%>

The rest of the system uses it's own templates.

There are two fully working tags <%Logo_Validated%> and <%Logo_Show%> that will allow you to set up a system to show or not show logos based on a number of different parameters.

The <%Logo_Validated%> tag means you've approved the logo for public display. It's not offensive, or against the rules of your site. This only needs to be done once per logo.

The <%Logo_Show%> tag will allow you to use any other system -- including an automated system -- to show or not show the logo -- if it's been validated. This allows you to use an advertising, banner, or ther system to charge for placement on a time limited or # of impressions bases in an automated way.

This plugin doesn't do any of that, but by adding this flag field, it allows for this capability. The admin can manually set or unset this flag, and can set the default values for it.

Once this is finished, the Graphic UPload will follow in a day or two, since it will mostly be replacing the "Logo" with "Graphic" in all the files.

The multiple file upload is almost done, and once these templates are finished, it is just a matter of debugging the system before release.

Took a lot longer, but it's almost done. :) Then on to the reviews.

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