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I'm considering purchasing Gossamer Mail but I have a couple questions.

1. Can I integrate registration so people who sign up for my site automatically get an email account with the same username and password?

2. Can I import/set-up a large number of users at once from a text file? (i.e. I'll be switching from another system)

3. I have a mail server installed on my machine for POP accounts, can I have some accounts be POP and some be web-based on the same domain and will Gossamer work with my mailserver? I read about a catch-all account, but I need my employees to be POP while the website users are web-based.

4. If I have the mail server on the same box as my webserver (WIN2K) will I run into any performance problems for a medium-sized site (probably about 500 mail users)?

5. On the hosting options, does the monthly price include the software or is that extra?

Thanks for your help!

- Justin

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