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To Eliot or anyone that can help

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To Eliot or anyone that can help

Thank you for your response at the regular DBMAN customization forum:

Since reading your answer, I am inquiring to my provider to adding mySQL to my account, since they do offer it. As you have figured out I am new to this. However, but catch on quick.

I am also considering buying your DBMAN SQL product. However, before I do, please answer a few questions. Do the same instructions apply to DBMAN as the DBMAN SQL?

In other words, now that I am just figuring out how to do the functions in DBMAN will I need different instructions (mods, etc) for DMAN SQL, or are they the same? Is it going to be difficult for a newbie like me to use?

I have been reading for 4 weeks now everything about SQL & PHP. I realize I should download phpMYadmin & mySQLman. mySQLman is available on your site, but can you recommend the best site for phpMYadmin?

Would the layout you provided on the link above also apply to DBMAN SQL?

Sorry for sounding so naive, but I truly do appreciate your help.

thank you for your advice & help.

Diana Rae

The Newbie
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