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Comments 4 Lite Problem

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Comments 4 Lite Problem
I am getting an error when I install Comments 4 lite. It is with the changes to site_html_link. When I add to the sub I get the following error...

Error including libraries: syntax error at /home/cbeach/public_html/restaurants/cgi/admin/site_html_templates.pl line 57, near "my"
syntax error at /home/cbeach/public_html/restaurants/cgi/admin/site_html_templates.pl line 73, near "})"

Also I am not sure where totals => $totals is suppose to go. I know it says at the end of the sub but you have to be specific with me. I am great at cutting and pasting but that is about it.

If Comments 4 Advanced is ready I would love to be your first customer instead of installing 4 lite.

Thanks in advance.

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Paul 2297 May 16, 2001, 4:33 AM