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GT - GM Mailing List Plugin?

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GT - GM Mailing List Plugin?

Can you tell me if you guys at gt are going to, or have any plans on releasing a mailing list plugin for gossamer mail?

What I'd personally be interested in is something which allows you to do the following...

- Have an unlimited number of mailing lists
- Company X can apply to start a mailing list (which they administer themselves)
- Admin can accept/reject etc Company X's application (similar to the way links works I guess)
- Admin can set user limits on mailing list numbers, possibly a time frame after which the mailing list will expire, or the maximun number of posts allowed for that mailing list by the admin.
- All users get to choose from the selection of mailing lists when they sign up for a new account
- Existing users can access the mailing lists and signup at any stage
- Everyone can opt out of the mailing list at any time

What I was thinking of was having Company X pay to have a mailing list in my webmail system. The admin of the mail service would set it up for them, and include some sort of expiry system so they are prompted to pay again when their time or whatever runs out.

Also (possibly something for later down the track) there could be 2 types of mailing lists - free and paid - the paid being where the user is asked to pay a fee to be included.

Did you happen to have anything like that planned? If not, do you want to buy the idea off me?? ;)


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