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incoming.pl problems

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incoming.pl problems
I have cron set to run incoming.pl every 10 minutes. On about every other attempt cron sends me the following message...

Lockfile already exists pid: (13486) No such file or directory
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /home/pmfb/cgi-bin/webmail/batch/incoming.pl line 661, <LOCK> chunk 1.

It looks like incoming.pl creates a lock file when it starts. It checks for the lock file each time it starts to make sure that more than one instance is not running.

So, it looks like the lock file is being created, but not always being removed? Anyone seen this problem or know what might cause it? One thing I have not seen in the documentation is what the permissions and ownership should be for each file. Not sure if that could cause this problem, but would be nice to know anyway.


Michael Coyne

PS - Great job Alex and GT!

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