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Template feedback

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Template feedback
Hi Alex,

You asked in the annoucement about the templates so here we go.

Firstly, this is meant to be constructive cricitism. I have not bought gossamer mail yet but am looking for an email provider. There are lots of email programs out there of varying quality so getting it right is important.


Firstly, i know you are proud of getting the templates to work on a text browser. This is quite an achievement but for me is useless. None of my users will use a text based browser at all and my site (as are most) is not geered towards them at all. Sorry to be frank about this but i hope trying to get the templates to work on this format has not affected decisions to much because well i think i explained it.


1) The grey table borders are ugly as. Is it a border with cell paddding 1 or something. Anyway, i just think it looks very bad.
2) Tables top right, what is with that, borders for a one line and border round the logo. huh?
3) Table width, i log in and the first email i see (the welcome 1 cool feature by the way) is onto two lines for some reason, the table is not expanding for some reason?
4) text is too small in comparison to the buttons. Either size 2 text or css form buttons are needed
5) The grey for the header of the email is well ugly. Black on that grey dosen't work.
6) Boring links. The "print" "add to address book" are badly and boringly arranged, just a random table i think, even right aligning them would look better
7) Lack of links at bottom of email - "where do i go now syndrome"
8) variable fonts. We appear to have numerous fonts over the place, from time to aria to i think i saw a bit of verdana but not sure
9) Complete lack of bold for anything - emphasis perhaps in some places
10) images. I think some nicely designed navigation images would be a much better plan.
11) Address book - why form tags?

In conclusion. The templates are just amazingly boring. Yes they are fast loading and a times that is important (especially for email) but people do expect more and for a lot of people what it looks like is important. There are so many free email people out there, taking a leaf out of their books would not have been hard. Hotmail is what people are used to and there is a lot more colourful/graphic intense.

So fast loading is good but it is not everything. This templates apparently have only gone for one thing. Having two sets would not be impossible.

Before i get shouted at and told "you can change them...." yes i am fully aware of that however when you pay this much for something part of the idea is it is easy to use and install. If i bought the software i know i would have to spend the best part of 2 or 3 days making templates for it, and it is this that puts me of buying the software far far more than the price. The same issue is with links and i know how long it is taking me to get it ready.

In conclusion, a brilliant feature set (multi domains just rules) but the templates suck

this is all my opinion, i have attempted constructive crictism so no flaming!

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